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About Our Farm

Local Certified Organic Farm

Our Farm

The Glen Road Organics started when the farm was purchased over 30 years ago.

After being conventionally farmed, these 25 acres were unable to grow even the smallest weeds. GRO started to produce and apply their own compost to the soil to regenerate the land. After a couple of years using the compost on the farm, we started to give some away and spoke to people about the Soil Food Web and soil regeneration. This led to selling the first batches of compost certified for organic use in Canada. 

The Glen Road Organics now has 56 acres of Certified Organic land. Over 42 native species of trees and shrubs, a small market garden and two ponds for wildlife. We also sell compost and potting mix for certified organic use. Our compost is biologically diverse and ready for use right onto your soil.

Our farm is our biggest success story and we are excited to help clients reach their own regeneration success as well. 

Bringing farming practices back to the basics is how mother nature feeds plants. Leaving our land in a better state than we found it. 
Our commitment starts with our potting mix which only contains 28%
peat moss. 



At GRO we believe you should feed your soil. This is done by microscope analysis of microorganism life in the soil. Balanced soil biology is the key to natural sustainability


Soil Biology

Our Farm is our very own research plot. Projects have included 10 year garlic crop no- rotation and a 3 year soil remediation project. Conducting research on our own 56 acres brings our best practices to you.



At GRO we are committed to helping farmers regenerate their soils. With good management practices and Bio Diverse amendment application they are well on their way
to healthy soils


Regenerative Agriculture


Our Mission

Our mission at The Glen Road Organics is to provide those committed to regenerative agriculture with the physical and educational resources to create healthy soils. We will educate clients on how the Soil Food Web can be used to feed your soil, including how to make compost. We believe that healthy soils are the key to changing our food industry as well as fighting climate change.  

The GRO Team

John Montague - Every Farm Needs a Micro

John M. 


John is a Holistic Soil Consultant, teaching people how to heal their soil. John has studied with Dr. Elaine Ingham of The Soil Foodweb Inc at Rodale Institute, and the University of Guelph. He believes that you should feed your soil so your plants will feed themselves. Also that "there should be a microscope on every farm!" (Dr. Elaine Ingham). John has practiced sustainable land use over the last 40 years in erosion control, bio remediation, landscape design, construction, project management and organic farming.

As operations manager of The Glen Road Organics and The Glen Road Natural Landscapes for 20+ years John takes great pride in producing bio-diverse compost and potting mixes, and teaching organic farming and gardening practices. The farm is a leader in teaching and producing thermal compost, organic regenerative farming practices and in building healthy, resilient biologically diverse soils.


Nicole B. 

Farm Manager

Nicole grew up on a conventional farm in Southwestern Ontario. She has since graduated  University of Toronto with Honours Bachelor of Science and a diploma from Durham College. Since then she has taken interest in regenerative agriculture practices and organic food production. 

At The Glen Road Organics Nicole manages the market garden plot as well as works making compost and potting mix. 

Nicole is currently working towards completing the Soil Food Web Courses and moving on to becoming a certified soil consultant.

Jesse M. 

Compost Production Manager


Jesse has been with The Glen Road Organics for over five years. Jesse helps manage the day to day operations of the farm and manages the production of the compost and potting mix. 

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