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The Glen Road Organics Ltd.

Teaching, Growing, Research

At The Glen Road Organics our work is centered around  the biological life in the soil.

Our compost, potting mix, native plant nursery and market garden all find their beginnings with the soil food web. 

We believe that balanced soil ecology is the secret to natural sustainability.

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GRO Presents:
Feed Your Soil

a soil conference 
With Dr. Elaine Ingham.
August 23, 2024

August 24, 2024

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Our Compost and Potting Mix


Some customers refer to our compost as their crop insurance.

At GRO we offer a high quality bio-diverse compost. 

Made on site, our compost is ready for your fields or gardens within a few weeks. Our Bio Diverse Compost was the first compost in Canada approved for use in Certified Organic Operations and can be used as a natural soil amendment for organic or non-organic growers. Use this product to increase your soil health,

fertility and structure. 

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GRO Bio Diverse Potting Mix is ideal for starting your seedlings or indoor plants and is approved for Certified Organic Operations. When using GRO potting mix additional fertilizers are not required! This product will aid in faster germination, and plant production with less watering needed and increased plant growth. It contains a greater water holding capacity than other commercial potting mixes. 

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