The Glen Road Organics, a certified organic farm, started with a corn field.  Previous owners had grown corn in the same spot for years on end, compacting and depleting the soil of nutrients, organic matter and soil microorganisms. We set out to rehabilitate the land into healthy, productive soil. Ongoing additions of compost and cover cropping were necessary to improve soil texture, structure and water retention, and most importantly, to replenish the soil biology essential for healthy plant growth.

To achieve our goal, we began making compost and in doing so, designed recipes and systems to manage various types and quantities of organic material. We followed strict operating procedures in developing our compost, and later potting mixes, using specific equipment to ensure the production of consistently high-quality products.

We weren’t the only ones to benefit from our premium soil products. The success on the farm and with our test clients encouraged us to attain a certificate of approval for the use of our compost and potting mixes as inputs by certified organic operations.

Today, The Glen Road Organics has grown beyond those early batches of compost. We continue to produce great compost as well as re-usable potting mixes with less than 30% peat, ‘Hawkwind’ garlic and hay. The farm is a teaching facility where gardeners and farmers can come to learn best practices in soil management, organic growing and how the soil biology feeds plants naturally. Finally, The Glen Road Landscapes division designs and builds sustainable, natural landscapes using native plants to create wild urban spaces.



Our People

John is a Holistic Soil Consultant, teaching people how to heal their soil. John has studied at Rodale Institute, the University of Guelph and with Dr. Elaine Ingham of The Soil Foodweb Inc. He believes that you should feed your soil not your plants and that there should be a microscope on every farm! John has practiced sustainable land use over the last 40 years in erosion control, landscape design, construction, project management and organic farming.

As operations manager of The Glen Road Organics and The Glen Road Natural Landscapes for 15 years John takes great pride in producing premium certified compost and potting mixes, amendments, clean food and teaching organic farming and gardening practices. The farm is a leader in composting, organic farming and in building healthy, resilient soils.



Our Facility

Our facility is located on a plot of agricultural land, which we have rehabilitated with the use of our organic compost.  The farm serves as our growing and teaching facility.